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You can choose from the following payment methods for your order:

Cash on delivery

Please pay to our delivery company upon reciept of your package

Credit card

Credit card payments can be made using:
In case of bankcard payment you are redirected to the payment website and the actual payment is done via a website that is operated according to the regulations of international credit card companies standards and safety regulations. This is operated by the CIB Bank and not via the Banknote Ltd. Banknote Ltd has no possession of any information of your bankcard, or the account, i.e. your card number, expiry date and cannot have any insight in any of these data.

Credit card payment information



Money transfer

I will pay the equivalent command before order fulfillment.Fill in box order number of observations bank transfer!

Bank details

Account number for international transfer: HU27 1171 6008 2020 0628 0000 0000
Account details: Banknote Ltd.

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